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Marine Surveys by Bugher Marine Services, LLC We are proud to be hired by, and respected by, clients including private individuals, major insurance companies, law firms, yacht builders, and marinas. We serve plaintiff or defendant, and have been respected by both sides in work resolving insurance claims for the insured party, or for insurance companies. We have even been hired as the "binding arbitrator" to resolve a "deadlocked" insurance claim. Our aim is always to provide accurate data regarding extent of damages and causation, including review of repair estimates and/or development of repair budgets. Expert witness services include accurate procurement and presentation of data, and explanation/presentation of how published and/or accepted standards relate to the case or claim. A random sampling of recent jobs/investigations includes:
  • Personal Injury from Negligent vessel operation - We showed that the vessel operator failed to address occupant safety resulting in injury to a passenger.

  • Luxury yacht pre-purchase defects - We showed that a large and fairly new luxury yacht had several defects/conditions that resulted in major deterioration, and that promised repairs failed to correct these conditions.

  • Obstructed Visibility from the Helm - We showed that the vessel violated ABYC standards for visibility, and violated accepted engineering standards on other issues.

  • Vessel sinking damages denied - We showed that the vessel owner exercised reasonable care/maintenance, that the conditions that caused the sinking were not accessible/visible to the average consumer, and that damages should not have been excluded from coverage.

  • Water Saturated Hull Core - Wet areas were verified, manufacturer agreed to remove/repair wet areas, we then showed that repairs were not performed completely; client was awarded a new boat.

  • Sinking Due to a Deteriorated Inaccessible Drain Hose - Insurance denied the damage claim as a latent defect. We showed that under the Inchmaree Clause, while latent defects were not covered by insurance, any damage resulting from a latent defect should be covered.

    Marine Surveys by Bugher Marine Services, LLC
  • Unsafe Handling Characteristics of a Small Skiff and Failure to Manufacture to Federal Standards - We showed that the vessel construction violated Federal and ABYC standards, as well as accepted industry criteria.

  • Keel Deformation and Hull Cracking Alleged to be from Improper Storage Blocking of a Vessel - We showed that the blocking had followed all ABYC Standards and that the vessel had prior known defects in these areas.

  • Declaration of a sunken vessel as minimally damaged and easily repairable - We showed that both engines, both transmissions, both vee drives, generator, and additional low equipment all still showed internal water presence and damage many months after the sinking. Repair costs in reality approached vessel insured value.

  • Current Market Value Resolution in Divorce Case - We showed that the vessel in question was not worth anywhere near the amount claimed.

  • Rot/deterioration of bulkheads - We verified that wet core and bulkhead deterioration was rampant in a recently purchased vessel.

  • Insurance denial of theft/vandalism damages claim - We showed that damages were not pre-existing.

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