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Marine Surveys by Bugher Marine Services, LLC Marine Surveys by Bugher Marine Services, LLC
  • New Equipment purchases include: new voltage drop testing equipment, salinity test meter, additional actual percentage core moisture test meter, improved multi meter for stray current testing, a new contact thermometer, and a new non-contact thermometer, and of course - updated vessel appraisal guides.

  • Blair Bugher once again renewed his USCG Merchant Marine Master License for another five years.

  • Mr. Bugher is also a contributing journalist, with numerous articles on general boating, safety, boat handling, surveying, emergencies at sea, and shopping the boat shows.

  • Contact us for reprints of articles or for a presentation for your next marine club, squadron or auxiliary meeting. We always look forward to talking with you about anything boating related.

  • " In 2019 Bugher Marine Services is pleased to begin our twentieth year in business. Through diverse times, it remains a pleasure to serve the boating public. We look forward to many more years.

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