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Publications, File Notes & Legal Proceedings

A sampling of Publications, Lectures/Seminars and a TV documentary done by Bugher Marine Services includes the following:
  • "Suggested Reading for New Boat Owners" - (pamphlet given to new boat owners during captain's training)
  • "Used Boat Buying - Things to Consider" (Published in New Jersey Angler Magazine)
  • "Boat Show Bliss in the Cold New Jersey Winter" - (Published in New Jersey Angler Magazine)
  • "The Learning Channel, Repo Men, Stealing for a Living" - (cable TV, ten minute documentary)
  • "Handling The Unexpected" - (Published in New Jersey Angler Magazine)
  • "Emergencies at Sea" - (Published in New Jersey Angler Magazine)
  • "Navigation Basics" - (Seminar presented at local Boat Show)
  • "What is a Marine Survey" - (Seminar to Power & Sail Squadron)
  • Introduction to Marine Forensics - (Guest speaker at Hunterdon Central High School)
  • Unique Marine Surveys - (Guest Speaker at local Yacht Club)
Please contact our office if you would like to schedule a presentation!
While most of our services are done on fiberglass boats/yachts, we still service wooden classics. This photo shows one of several keel bolts that were found completely rotted off during an insurance survey of a Matthews yacht. The owner replaced the bolts and continues to enjoy use of this beautiful classic. Keel Bolts

A sampling of Legal and Claims Investigations includes the following:
  • Court Appointed Custodian, MV Liberty Belle (Philadelphia PA)
  • Court Appointed Custodian, SV Wind Spirit (Toms River, NJ)
  • Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen & Young PC - (Review of vessel valuation/settlement)
  • Kimmel & Silverman PC - (Numerous Investigations regarding Vessel, Dealer, Engine; Defect, and Personal Liability Issues)
  • Christie, Pabarue, Mortensen & Young PC - (Vessel/Dealer liability on vessel performance)
  • McCarter English PC - (Vessel Deficiency Investigation)
  • Private Client, and White & Williams PC - (Multiple Vessel Design & Engineering Deficiencies Investigation)
  • Private Client - (Gelcoat/cracking Investigation)
  • Old United Vantage Casualty Co. - (Numerous Insurance Investigations Including Hurricane Sandy)
  • Hollstein, Keating, Cattell, Johnson & Goldstein PC - (Houseboat/Barge Deterioration Investigation)
  • Private Client - (Luxury Yacht Exhaust Failure Investigation & Mediation)
  • Private Client - (Luxury Yacht Muffler Failure Investigation 2009)
  • Private Client - (Large Luxury Yacht Hull Failure/Sinking Investigation)
  • Private Client - (Vessel Crash Investigation)
  • Private Client - (Boat Theft Insurance Denial Investigation)
  • ACE/Chubb Insurance - (Hundreds of Sandy and Routine Claim Investigations)
  • AMIG Insurance - (Numerous Routine Claim Investigations)
  • Travelers Insurance - (Served as binding arbitrator in claim resolution)
  • Steven Wolfe Esq - (Personal Injury, Negligent Operation Investigation & Testimony)
  • Numerous Investigations, Arbitration & Mediation for Insured Parties to Resolve Sandy Claims
  • Carton & Rudnick PC - (Dealer Sale Discrepancy Investigation)
  • Professional Boat Sales - (Trade-in Misrepresentation & Hull Repair/Design Issues)
  • Holyoke Mutual Insurance Co - (Several Insurance Claims Investigations)
  • Private Client - (Improper Blocking Investigation)
  • Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn LLP/Carver-Marquis Yachts - (Defense/testimony for Carver/Marquis Yachts in claim of vessel deficiencies)
  • M&T Bank - (Numerous investigations/surveys to determine condition & valuation of vessels prior to foreclosure/repossession)
  • Private Client - (Engine Failure investigation)
  • Private Client/McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker LLC - (Investigation of newly purchased vessel deficiencies, and oversight in marine survey

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