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Vessel Surveys

Marine Surveys by Bugher Marine Services, LLC
  • Marine surveys consist of a thorough evaluation of a vessel, tailored to the client's needs. We hold an active membership in SAMS (Blair Bugher-SAMS® AMS®), and have passed the rigorous ABYC Standards Accreditation course (ABYC has for nearly 50 years been developing and updating the voluntary standards for Boat Building and Repair in the United States, many boat construction standards are not mandatory, other than basic safety standards by USCG/CFR and local authorities).

  • Insurance and financing surveys include checks for general structure integrity, hull and propulsion systems, blistering/moisture, safety and standards compliance, and vessel value.

  • Pre-purchase surveys are also good for insurance or financing, but are expanded to cover performance and where possible full load systems operation testing. Our reports are different from many surveyors in that whenever possible, we utilize testing equipment to provide you with DATA of testing results as opposed to merely stating "turned on OK". Systems operation checks range from the basics of testing vessel USCG/NFPA/ABYC compliance, and may include: differential temperature readings on heating/air conditioning systems, voltage drop in electrical circuits, engine performance evaluations, generator voltage and frequency testing, appliance and electronics testing, and inverter testing, (just to name a few).

  • Investigation work is performed in insurance, finance or legal issues; for both the company or policyholder, and for the plaintiff or defendant. Our analysis/data compilation, report presentations, and testimony if needed are respected by our clients. Our knowledge of engineering, published standards, accepted operational and construction methods, and vessel costs/values, benefit all parties in investigations and claims resolution.

    Marine Surveys by Bugher Marine Services, LLC
  • Buyer assistance offers an unbiased opinion on vessel condition/value and suitability, without the expense of a full survey. Seller assistance allows for evaluation of vessel standards compliance and market valuation, to minimize potential "deal-breakers" later on.

  • Specialty surveys include: Appraisals/Donations; Stray Current; Corrosion Investigations; Vibration Analysis; Extended Moisture Review/Mapping; Electrical Systems Evaluations; Tank Exterior and Interior Inspections; and more.

  • Our surveys are not based solely on "impressions or opinions". We utilize an extensive inventory of equipment to verify data and document findings. As needed, these include borescope examination with photo documentation of inaccessible areas, vibration testing, moisture meters (both "relative/non-destructive and actual % moisture), salinity testing, stray current/corrosion meters, in-line wattmeters and clamp-on amprobes and frequency meters, reference anode testing, acidic/caustic corrosion testing, oil analysis, voltage drop/resistance checks, infra-red temperature monitoring, laser tachometers, as well as old reliable sight/smell/vision. Testing outside our expertise can be offered either directly by our firm or in collaboration with respected colleagues.

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