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Why Use Bugher Marine?

Marine Surveys by Bugher Marine Services, LLC The marine industry is in many ways "unregulated". The local/state and federal standards governing boat construction, and boat use/operation cover basic areas only. The more detailed standards are excellent in their intent, but are advisory and under voluntary acceptance only. Now some of you may say "what about NMMA certification?", and yes, the NMMA should be applauded for trying to foster more widespread acceptance of the voluntary standards. However, NMMA certification still allows marine manufacturers to "select" areas that they will (or will not) agree to comply with, while still retaining membership in the certification program, and compliance inspection is done on a mere fraction of the number of boats or products produced. Additionally, none of the published standards address the very real "generally accepted industry standards" that often differentiate between the "quality" versus the "marginally acceptable" ways to build a marine product.

Boats and marine products live in an extremely aggressive environment. This presents issues not found in many other product conditions, a small sample of which includes:
  • Corrosion - Saltwater or salt laden moisture is highly corrosive to most metals (even to "stainless steel"); and readily damages electrical, mechanical, cosmetic, and fuel systems. Our atmosphere, and even the UV rays of the sun cause damage, and can weaken plastics including "glass reinforced plastic" (fiberglass). Water (and especially saltwater) is electrically conductive, which allows stray current or dissimilar metals to create rapid deterioration and dangerous environments.

  • Water may appear soothing or relaxing, but it is NOT compressible. - What this means is that while we can push our way through water, if we apply an impact force to water, it "pushes" back with a force equal to the impact (this is why a belly flop into water hurts). If we compare this to riding in your car; while your car has rubber tires, a spring suspension system and some form of shock absorbers to lessen the perceived impact of striking a 6" deep pothole, your boat has none of this. And yet your boat routinely crashes against a non-compressible fluid off wave heights many times greater than the depth of any pothole. (Remember your body weight striking water in a belly flop, now imagine the weight of a boat doing the same thing, ouch!!!)
So, while in many ways our modern marine products are well built, as we can see, they face a hostile and demanding life, including of course neglect and/or lack of, or improper maintenance.

Pricing for new and pre-owned marine products also varies widely. So unless you are an active participant in the marine marketplace, and you are well versed in published and accepted marine standards, it can be difficult to determine if a "good deal" means you are buying a bargain or a project.

A knowledgeable marine surveyor is therefore crucial in providing data on a vessel's condition, on whether it is a reasonable insurance or financing risk, in determining what a vessel is (or was) worth in a given market, or in assisting to resolve an insurance claim or lawsuit.

As in all industries, there are many excellent marine surveyors (and some not so excellent). A good marine surveyor will provide you with accurate and defensible data, presented in a readily interpreted format with minimal "disclaimers" or canned software "fluff". A good marine surveyor will assist you in any way possible whether it is in buying a boat, obtaining insurance or financing; properly resolving a marine claim or investigation, or teaching you about a vessel and its condition/systems. I urge you to interview marine surveyors, ask for samples of their reports, find out if they do this full-time, review their credentials (some marine surveyor organizations are merely "internet/mail-order" formats), ask how they do appraisals, and get a feeling for whether they are a good match to your needs.

I look forward to learning how I can meet your needs, and showing you how Bugher Marine Services can help you in pre-purchase, insurance, financing or appraisals, claims or investigations, captain's services, or any of your other marine service needs.

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